tesla resonance generator -Tuning A Tesla Coil with an Oscilloscope

tesla resonance generator

** The use of an oscilloscope and signal generator to tune in a Tesla coil to find its resonance frequency www.hvtesla.com
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16 Responses to “tesla resonance generator -Tuning A Tesla Coil with an Oscilloscope”

  • zker666:

    @follytowers What about the wireless transmission of electrical energy through the air as nikola tesla described? Oh, right, not really practical lol

  • overunitydotcom:

    does the best power transfer occur from the primary to the seondary, when the 2 coils
    are in resonance ?
    Did you try some Kapanadze tests yet ?
    Have a look at my youtube account for these videos.
    Many thanks.
    Regards, Stefan.

  • follytowers:

    Any old cheap used signal generator on Ebay that can give an adjustable sine wave signal close to your coil’s own resonant frequency will do.
    Use JAVATC software (Google it) to find your coils freq. If it gave your res freq as 200khz for example, you would need a sig gen capable of giving 150khz to 250 khz approx’

  • APtolik:

    what signal generator and where can i get one please help

  • itsu1999:

    is there away to down load the videos

  • itsu1999:

    is there away to down load the videos ??

  • follytowers:

    Yes that’s right. It’s not like a true bench-top frequency counter that is accurate down to 1hz or whatever, but a lot of meters now have a limited Hz range. Mine only reads to 0.1 of a khz, or 100hz. But that is accurate enough for a Tesla coil, but it would not be for a lot of electronics work.

  • follytowers:

    No practical use whatsoever. Just the fun of making raw energy.

  • nlimchua:

    so, your dmm has a frequency counter and you have set this as such, correct? thx

  • follytowers:

    I added a schematic onto the video. The meter is reading the signal generator’s output (in effect the resonant freq) in khz.

  • nlimchua:

    Hi Folly – what setting do you have your dmm on? would be good if you can include that on your schematic as well. Otherwise, you did an impressive job. Great website as well!

  • LukesVids269:

    Im sorry but what is a tesla coil used for? I have never seen anything like this.

  • milostreats:

    I am a newbe to all this, including youtube.
    “54yrs” I bought a scope and by mistake a “Tenma” audio oscilator, will this suffice for a GENERATOR for testing coils ect? Thanks and excuse my ignorance, Ed

  • hardstyle905:

    Very helpful, awesome! thank you

  • ElectroJoltman:

    I agree, Outstanding information, very easy to follow. Tunning my coils right now. thank you!!!

  • tubemp777:

    Great, very useful, well explained, to the point. Outstanding video clarity, thank you.

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